Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hey everyone

Alright. So it's nice to meet this non-existent audience of mine. Not exactly sure how to start this off... Might as well just jump in.

I'm thirteen. Barely done being a kid, but hopefully going to grow up soon. As many of you probably noticed... We live in a fairly dull and adventure-less world, especially when you're guarded from the evils of it. This brings me to one of the only points of this blog.

My whole deal with the supposed myth known as Slenderman started just a few months ago. Yes, Slenderman. I started my whole "adventure" when a friend showed me MarbleHornets. I've watched all of the videos up until today, and I have since read a few different blogs on the subject, including "Just Another Fool" and "Seeking Truth".

No, I'm not going to start talking about how a faceless guy in a business suit has been stalking me. I'm sure you've all heard that bit before. What I am going to do is keep anyone (who's interested) updated on anything I've read. More accurately, I'll be keeping an encyclopedia of sorts on Slenderman.

If anyone's got tips, blogs, or just a good story, feel free to let me know.